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Malik, Allah be well-pleased with him, the last of the Companions then living (he died in Basra in 93/712 aged 103), and complained about the oppression they were suffering at the hand of the Umayyad governor al-Hajjaj (d.
So Bothroyd must have felt well-pleased when, with the game evenly poised at 2-2, his side was awarded a penalty - only for Tommy Smith to lift the ball horribly over the crossbar.
We were keeping our fingers crossed and after a shaky start on Friday - which made no difference to us whatsoever because the concert was in a nice leak-proof marquee - we had dry, if cool, weather for the Saturday events and our visitors were well-pleased with the entertainment on offer.
The city has been well-pleased with how accommodating Chesapeake has been during our negotiations and we look forward to future opportunities that will be financially beneficial for both parties," LaForce said in a news release.
But he can be well-pleased with his showing against the Czechs.
Delic had been seeded sixth for the qualifying event and UK No 3 Bogdanovic was well-pleased with his day's work.
GARY MEGSON declared himself well-pleased with his midweek efforts to give struggling Forest more defensive backbone.
I am one well-pleased World War II veteran and am glad to have so many friends and practitioners.
Mr Atkinson had already agreed to support Mr Howard in any ensuing contest and last night he declared himself well-pleased with the apparent consensus in the party.
Both totty-watchers and history buffs should be well-pleased by this.
Sydney marathon man Keith Cullen, running the distance for the first time, finished a well-pleased sixth in 62mins 10.
The islanders are a nomadic group," the film's narrator assures his American audience, "and are well-pleased that the Yanks are going to add a little variety to their lives.