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Consider the 2012 London Olympic Games, where free public trans- port alongside well-posted signage made getting to the games easy and enjoyable.
Or there must be a well-posted helpdesk/assistance with a staff who speaks English fluently.
Eugene is said by well-posted persons to be one of the best advertised of all the smaller cities in the Northwest," the story began.
There are no stiles or steps, just gates, road crossing points and a well-posted route.
There were no shelf-stackers in any of the aisles and the store's clear and well-posted merchandising enabled her to find everything she needed without having to ask for assistance.
The signs are well-posted and the writin's on the wall
If consumers feel uneasy about a site, move on to one that is more established and has well-posted privacy and security policies.
During antlerless season I watched from my kitchen window as a dozen hunters, regardless of well-posted safety zone signs, blazed away at does bedded down in mountain laurel.
Other than these well-posted hours, the car-pool lanes would be for everybody's use, thereby alleviating some of the bottlenecks that can occur at any given hour on our freeways.
Areas covered by the new camping and firearms regulations have been well-posted, he said, and Forest Service and county law enforcement personnel will enforce the regulations.
Our shopper was impressed by the store's attractive merchandising and presentation, adding that well-posted signage and clutter-free aisles made locating products a doddle.
An absence of packing trolleys and clear, well-posted merchandising meant that his journey around the store was smooth and hassle-free.