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The Crown's QC David Robson described Mr Wells as an "educated, well-read and gentle person".
She's a very smart, well-read, headstrong young woman who knows what she wants in life and knows what she wants in her career,'' says ``Intentions'' producer Neal H.
But he was well-read in the classics of psychology and history and literature.
Det Chief Supt Bolam said: "Mr Wells was well-read.
He was witty, bright, upbeat, well-read and enormously loved.
Share the adventures of Wishbone, a well-read Jack Russell terrier, and his young owner, Joe Talbot, in the town of Oakdale, U.
We are extremely pleased to have drawn the attention of this respected and well-read European business magazine," says Peter Ostenfeld-Rosenthal.
He said his mother was a kind, bubbly woman, who was well-read and could talk on any subject.
Izzard dares to presume that his audiences are intelligent, well-read, curious beings.
Chua stated, "We are very pleased to be featured by such well-recognized and well-read media sources.
Stylish and well-read - no wonder she's one of our top 100 women (22 September).