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In Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Executives When Writing a Speech, the analyst examines step-by-step strategies used by the world's best speechwriters, who focus on working with leading executives, on how to write an impactful and well-received speech.
Beginning in the late '90s, he moved to film and created well-received soundtracks for ``Amores Perros'' and ``The Motorcycle Diaries.
Monster Hunter Portable, which was launched on December 1, 2005, is the latest title in the company's well-received hunting-action game series, Monster Hunter.
titles for December 1, 2004 to November 27, 2005, led by Rent (thanks to its Thanksgiving holiday opening), Missing the boat and also the million-dollar mark were nonetheless well-received titles including Heights, Cote d'Azur, Beautiful Boxer, The Dying Gaul, and Ballets Russes.
Imagine a whole book on human cadavers and you'd never conceive of all the fascinating elements she explores in this well-received book (included in numerous "best of 2003" lists).
Pataux, who has shown her work in France, Italy and Ireland, is the author of the well-received Ireland: On the Edge of Europe, also from 5 Continents, an Italian publisher of fine art books.
Stephenson was given the 35th Anniversary Award for Outstanding Achievement for establishing the well-received party format for the Winter's Eve Gala in 1981.
who choreographed a well-received work on the SFB School's students this spring, completes the sextet.
Particularly well-received were sessions on online publishing and promotion, a hands-on workshop on hiring and training new employees deftly orchestrated by UCG's Dan Brown, and Bruce Levenson's informative and motivational audio-visual tour of the internet, which kept the attention of a full ballroom for 90 minutes.
Your comments on the Goods and Services Tax and other pressing tax and fiscal issues were illuminating and well-received by conference registrants.
SALT LAKE CITY -- ShieldZone announces the release of several new invisibleSHIELD[TM] designs for some of the industry's most anticipated and well-received handheld electronic devices.
94) after a well-received premiere at January's Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.