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As part of ASCD's ESEA reauthorization efforts, we convened a diverse group of organizations from a wide array of subject areas to develop recommendations for how the federal government can better support a well-rounded education for each child.
He's a well-rounded leader who will be a real asset to our company.
Our experience with self-storage assets, as well as overall expertise in arranging equity, mezzanine and debt financing for these facilities allows us to bring a well-rounded service to the landscape of self-storage financing," Fried points out.
A well-rounded guide for any owner of an amputee dog--or one which has all four legs and then only three.
Students from high school to pre-med receive a well-rounded introduction to literary references to bioethical questions, from the beings created by technology to illness and end of life issues.
Each book holds over 70 pages of information, includes an index, glossary and bibliography along with plenty of color illustration, and outlines risks, motivating factors, and influences of each explorer and his world for a well-rounded presentation.
Packed with pages and pages of detail and explicit constructions, New Complete Home Landscaping lives up to its title as an indispensable and well-rounded resource for anyone seriously contemplating a landscaping project.
An extensive index allows for quick reference, in this well-rounded and thorough compendium of vital information.
It gave me what I needed to become a well-rounded professional.
In fact, it says, "As finance professionals we have placed far too much emphasis on the technical proficiencies of the CPA rather than on the well-rounded individual with people skills.
New Age is well positioned to help companies like Samsung by utilizing our breadth of experience and long-standing dealer relationships to offer the most well-rounded and robust product line offerings out there.
But one-sided growth won't lead to a well-rounded and economic healthy Pacoima.