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Mauro said that within the Greater Los Angeles market, the Valley is particularly well-situated to benefit from buyer confidence.
7) she has excluded the well-situated of the rural middle class.
This retrospective, some twenty years later, was well-situated for two reasons: Vienna is a "historical" city, reflecting the glitter and decline of a previous era; secondly, the Palais Liechtenstein, wher the museum is housed, is a very difficult space in which to present contemporar art.
Indeed, when competitors are pulling in their horns, it could well present a golden opportunity for an aggressive, well-situated company to seek new markets.
The center is well-situated within this community as illustrated by a median household income of more than $171,000 within a three-mile radius surrounding the property.
Collins Grove is well-situated for commuters with convenient access to Research Triangle Park and RDU Airport and to major transportation corridors including I-40, Hwy 55, Hwy 54 and I-540.
Illinois River Energy is a top-tier ethanol plant, well-situated in a strategic growth area that will add value to our farmer-owners through expanded grain origination, additional renewable fuels gallons and distillers grain by-products," said Mark Palmquist, CHS' executive vice president and chief operating officer-ag business.
WELL-SITUATED for those wanting easy access to all the amenities that the popular suburb of Gosforth has to offer, this two-bedroom furnished apartment could be ideal.
It is an ideal location, being well-situated with almost unlimited free car parking at weekends.
Attendees at the event will be introduced to the strategic and economic advantages that accrue to companies that choose to manufacture in what is one of Latin America's most vibrant, cosmopolitan and well-situated cities.
offers college professors guidance in developing instruction that has a clear purpose, is well-situated in the curriculum, and improves student learning in measurable ways.
Fox surveyed nearly 4,000 lawyers, business leaders, educators, and political activists, all of whom are well-situated to run for office.