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Omar Ayesh, chief executive of Nobles, said, "The Waterfront and Burj Downtown Development Company represents an excellent investment opportunity in two of the emirate's most attractive locations - the Dubai Waterfront and Burj Dubai - both being well-situated along the planned Metro routes serving distinct commercial locations.
I am thrilled to join a community that I believe is singularly well-situated to lead at this critically important time," Overholser said in a USC press release.
Bellinger is especially well-situated to offer the U.
The network was formed to facilitate this planning, and to study how to financially manage megacatastrophes of both natural and manmade origins, and how well-situated the global financial markets are to do so now.
Although RONTEC's laboratory XRF and XRD products will have little initial impact on Bruker's overall revenue, this acquisition will broaden Bruker's portfolio to include TR-XRF and x-ray microanalysis, giving Bruker a foothold in these segments of the market that Bruker is well-situated to exploit.
She said: "It is well-situated for Leamington but Warwick, Coventry and Birmingham are also within easy reach.
They feel that we are very well-situated geographically to take care of the stores which could open throughout the eastern seaboard.
The text is well-situated and is in a larger font than typical, which may benefit children who are visually impaired.
I can see the sense of designating an airport in the north of the country, and Prestwick is well-situated and is not so heavily used by commercial services.
Spigot Lodge is well-situated geographically- adjacent to the new pool, new gallops, and in a
Mauro said that within the Greater Los Angeles market, the Valley is particularly well-situated to benefit from buyer confidence.
7) she has excluded the well-situated of the rural middle class.