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Being well-spoken is an asset; it shows good breeding and the love of Queen's English.
The diabetic, who was described as a well-spoken gentleman, had a history of alcoholism and drink-related offences, but suffered a heart attack the following morning while waiting to face the court.
No one would dispute that Brian Vogt, the Secretary of Economic Development, is an attractive, affable and well-spoken person.
Madejski, 64, cuddled up to well-spoken Helen during their tryst in London on Thursday.
On the plus side, I think Radio Merseyside's Roger Lyon is a vastly underestimated radio presenter who not only plays a good selection of music we rarely hear, he comes across as a genuine, pleasantly well-spoken Liverpudlian.
His skillful reading gives each character a distinctive personality, whether cockney seaman, well-spoken naval officer, bombastic rear admiral or female love interest.
When the opportunity arises for you to speak out tar your students or your art program, you will need to be a well-spoken advocate.
In Definition, 2000, a single slide of an empty, gable-windowed room is projected in a sloping, carpeted space while the voice of a well-spoken Englishman begins by telling us that this is probably the room where Samuel Johnson wrote his standard English dictionary.
Television requires its performers to be well-coiffed, well-appointed, well-spoken, and .
He knows that a few well-spoken or ill-spoken words can plant the seeds for future success or set the stage for future failures.
We are almost all Catholics because in Poland we don't really have spiritual options any more: we either accept Catholicism from our parents, or Catholicism is rammed into our young heads and hearts by well-fed, well-spoken Catholic priests.
Obviously the resource person would have to be well-spoken, well-briefed in media relations techniques, and clearly understand their background role.