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pleasant cul-de-sac position; private and well-stocked rear garden USP.
Feeling ill, having a poorly child or dealing with a minor injury can be unpleasant, and sometimes daunting, but common ailments and injuries can usually be dealt with at home with a well-stocked medicine cabinet.
ADVICE Don't overdo the festive cheer, says Dr Meng Khaw STAY HEALTHY Keeping a well-stocked medicine cabinet will enable you to deal with common illnesses yourself
The gardens around the house have been immaculately tended with a combination of lawns, well-stocked .
Their search for a "mice" home (with a well-stocked refrigerator) will lead them into one exciting adventure and harrowing close call after another, in this upbeat and delightful narrative.
The primary purpose of the study was to examine what early conceptualizations these children have of reading and whether children's early reading conceptualizations were or were not significantly affected as a result of the introduction of well-stocked classroom libraries at their school.
It has a well-stocked nuclear arsenal developed secretly, but it denies its existence.
Though I expected to feel a bit mismatched with the crowd, assuming that my pink hair, tattoos, and sundress would be swallowed up in a sea of muscle shirts and khaki shorts, the narrow space around the pool was well-stocked with blond Britneys, plump punk rockers, Gap wearers, volleyball player's, suburban moms.
The new home to one of the most comprehensive collections of Himalayan art in the world will offer a wide array of exhibitions, cultural programs, and educational events, as well as a comfortable cafe and a well-stocked book and gift store.
Even better, our shared coffee cupboard stands side by side with an equally ecumenical, and particularly well-stocked, cookie and snack cupboard.
But aid workers found well-stocked markets and a hospital which contained no war injured, said the charity Cafod.
The glossary helps you locate all the ingredients in a well-stocked store.