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But Thomas Davidson is in the tangerine corner for QUOTE OF THE DAY I understand why fans get upset but this is a well-trodden path that has been a success for so many players.
THE HEAT 15 Now here is a path that is so well-trodden that few fresh routes are expected as odd couple law enforcers are forced to team up to take on a drug-dealing mobster.
This is undemanding fluff that doesn't stray once from a well-trodden narrative path and an outlandish final flourish concerning Katie's meek neighbour, Jo, is one shameless tug of the heartstrings too far.
It's a well-trodden apprentice route as former Ellowes Hall School pupil Hannah follows in the footsteps of fellow keeper, 23-year-old Laura Robbins, whose career path is almost identical.
It's a path that's been well-trodden for the past decade by ex-Bluecoat pupil Mitch Benn, and, if this hilarious show is anything to go by, a TV slot to go with his Radio 4 show is surely there for the taking.
Given Longbridge has gone the way of housing and business parks rather than cows and sheep, the Greater Birmingham Local Economic Partnership is taking that well-trodden route of claiming that thousands of creative jobs will be created as part of it enterprise zone.
Improving the regional trade infrastructure along the route, well-trodden by nomads and Muslims on their way to Mecca, could bring much needed revenue.
A spokesman for the 737 Challenge said the 33-year-old was "wet but fine", adding: "Richard was travelling on a well-trodden route crossing a crevasse on the Alaskan mountain some way between base camp and 11,000ft camp.
The route was well-trodden, although since World War II the only Flat jockey to make a successful transition was Harry Wragg.
The potential implications of the genes - and the surprising place in which they were found - has led the researchers to liken their discovery to stumbling across a chest of gold on the well-trodden paving slabs of Trafalgar Square.
Sure, it's risky, but sitting still and waiting for growth opportunities to emerge from well-trodden paths could be disastrous as well.
He has moved into less well-trodden frontier markets such as Morocco where the risk of a sell-off is lower.