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Drucker is a former actuary and well-versed in our industry.
Russia has close connections with Afghanistan and is well-versed in the performance and locations of land mines planted there.
Although Gilder is very well-versed in physics, he's less so in the fundamentals of feedback loops, especially relating to supply and demand.
While this level of dialogue is not maintained, the authors' intellectual engagement with each other is sustained through the entire work, thereby making all the essays more accessible, particularly to those readers who are not well-versed in psychoanalytic discourse.
Among those with new power plants, some innovations are clearly visible to the layman's eye, while others are only evident to those well-versed in what is under the hood.
Wells was a consummate clinical chemist, well-versed in both the classical and more modern aspects of the profession.
Mark is well-versed in the finances of both the restaurant and Woodroast Systems," said Sheldon F.
Historiographically well-versed, Schlereth is able to build on recent scholarly research into these important groups.
The problem that this is creating is that these field service technicians are not as well-versed in furnace-related problems as they should be.
Tours are conducted by Tournament of Roses volunteers well-versed in the organization's 119-year-history as well as in the architectural details of the 101-year-old mansion, designed by architect G.
However, low-cost, highly-structured financing for well-planned and well-located projects can readily be secured for quality developers with the assistance of financial intermediaries well-versed in the diverse financing opportunities available.
She is intelligent and incredibly well-versed in her subject matter.