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A Nature Guide To Northwest North Carolina by Stewart Skeate (Professor of Biology at Lees-McRae College in Banner Elk, North Carolina) is an in-depth, 215-page, profusely illustrated reference and guide to the flora and fauna to be found in the natural areas of the northwestern counties of North Carolina, and a well-written collective mapping of the landmarks to be found.
Overall, this well-written book spotlights the careers of notable but generally forgotten singers, and offers much interesting information on singers who are still well-known.
One well-written movie with a strong international cast showing where the world is headed--and how much better it could be if everyone voluntarily decided to hold family size to two or fewer children--could possibly wake up the world before it is too late.
For the most part, this well-written volume supports their thesis.
The mag has a retrospective of some of the older coverage it gave the place, and a well-written narrative about what went down, with a lot of photos.
They must also understand economics and present their findings in well-written reports.
A well-written one allows an individual to be a lifeline to a recruiter drowning in a sea of applicants.
Well-written, if occasionally somewhat pedantic, the book offers a highly instructive epilogue comparing the experiences of two very similar, though unnamed, pharmaceutical companies--one proactive and the other reactive.
Culled from over 400 articles, I have chosen what I think represents Take One at its best: in-depth and well-written articles that explore the most honoured films and filmmakers in this country.
I was with Michael Seneco, following his well-written column [Last Word, April 26], looking forward to the grand final thought.
Divided into six general sections by type, the text is a well-written collection of broadstroke history, seasoned with interesting tidbits about each aircraft's developmental and operational history.
Despite these omissions this is a solid, well-written manual grounded in the extensive literature on fieldwork.