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There are various types of unmanned wellhead platforms - from simple facilities to more advanced solutions including e.
Although Purington sees wellhead service contractors as the primary market for Longevity's flat-surface process, “We anticipate that some OEMs—wishing to improve still further the service life of their newly manufactured valve components—might want to utilize our services as well.
Up until this semester, Ellingson said, students would arrive at an oil field for the first time without ever touching a wellhead.
The effects of well depth and wellhead protection and the degree to which they play a role in bacterial contamination of water wells, however, is still largely unknown.
In contrast, the wellhead price includes the value of natural gas liquids and pertains to all transactions occurring in the United States, thereby encompassing purchase commitments of all durations.
The current gas consumer price consists of cost of gas (weightedaverage of wellhead gas prices), transmission and distribution costs, gas utilities' return on assets and taxes like Gas Development Surcharge (GDS) and General Sales Tax (GST).
Not realizing that poisonous gas had erupted along with the water, the crew chief ordered one of the workers into a pit at the wellhead to turn off the valve.
RIO DE JANEIRO -- GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) and Brazilian energy company Petrobras have signed the world's largest subsea wellhead production contract, worth nearly US$1.
GE Oil & Gas will provide its DWHC MS-700 SFX and MS-800 SFX wellhead systems to Statoil.
Fabrication of the Cygnus Alpha wellhead topsides is due to start in December for completion in March 2014.
ENERGY RESOURCE-12 March 2009-Anadarko Petroleum Orders High-Capacity Wellhead System from FMC Technologies(C)2009 JeraOne - http://www.