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It is anticipated that the Sale will enable Gusar to secure its first rental order from a major local operator in the near future and may lead to the purchase of a third wellhead in due course.
Gusar's General Director, Alexander Beryozkin said, "We are delighted to kick-start the build-up of our POS-GRIP exploration rental fleet with the purchase of these initial two wellhead sets.
This discouraged oil and gas exploration companies from making investment in the country as they were denied wellhead gas prices according to the petroleum concession agreements.
It was highly important to select a proven company that could deliver all necessary services for wellhead and ancillary systems integrity, while also ensuring a partnership approach which can deliver a high quality of works within a safe environment for SSE," said Mark Jessop, SSE Head of Gas Storage Projects.
In view of our plans to expand and offer our valve, wellhead and asset integrity services to oil and gas operators globally, we also intend to offer our services to the petrochemical and oil and gas terminal operators.
Although Purington sees wellhead service contractors as the primary market for Longevity's flat-surface process, “We anticipate that some OEMs—wishing to improve still further the service life of their newly manufactured valve components—might want to utilize our services as well.
As a result, manufacturing capacity for production and assembly of surface wellheads and trees has increased by more than 50 per cent, or equivalent of 300,000 man hours.
Although it sits in the middle of a warehouse, Ellingson said the wellhead will function much like a working model in an oil field.
Plexus first signed a rental wellhead contract with BP Egypt in 2006, for an exploration drilling programme which expired at the end of 2008.
has signed a contract for the manufacture and supply of its proprietary HC-20 high capacity subsea wellhead system, scheduled to be delivered to Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in the fourth quarter of 2009 and to be manufactured at FMC's facility in Houston.
Bacterial contamination of groundwater sources caused by poor wellhead protection has been linked to endemic and epidemic diseases in developed and developing countries (Makuch & Sharpe, 1988).
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports an average wellhead price for natural gas in its Natural Gas Monthly publication, after the final production and price data are received on Form EIA-895 "Monthly Quantity of Natural Gas Report.