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In the meantime, as it was our custom always to appear friendly, we went off to her in canoes, bringing strings of cocoanuts, fowls, and pigs, to trade.
Having heard all the news, Vronsky, with the assistance of his valet, got into his uniform, and went off to report himself.
About two days after this they had the farther satisfaction of seeing three of the savages' canoes come driving on shore, and, at some distance from them, two drowned men, by which they had reason to believe that they had met with a storm at sea, which had overset some of them; for it had blown very hard the night after they went off.
He went off, once, when the engineer took me; he went off, twice, when the office in the City took me; and he's going off, thrice, now you've taken me.
I went off from the shop, as if driven along by the throng, and mingling myself with the crowd, went out at the other door of the Exchange, and so got away before they missed their lace; and because I would not be followed, I called a coach and shut myself up in it.
However, I held the box so long that I had gained him his whole money, and had a good handful of guineas in my lap, and which was the better luck, when I threw out, I threw but at one or two of those that had set me, and so went off easy.
Three security personnel were injured on Tuesday when a roadside bomb went off in Tehsil Kolachi area of Dera Ismail Khan.
ISLAMABAD -- A roadside bomb went off near a health department team engaged in anti-polio drive in Arif Kele area in Lower Dir on Tuesday (today).
5 early on the exchange, she went off at only 7-2 and denied 5-2 market leader Destiny's Gold by three lengths.
One of the explosive devices went off outside an electricity unit in Cairo's Maadi neighborhood, damaging three cars, while another one went off in Zaytoun.
At around 9am on Tuesday, August 9, damage was caused to the outside electric box of the home and the electricity went off.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Two people were killed and 15 others injured on Saturday 19, July when car bombs went off in the Bayya and Jihad neighborhoods southwest of Baghdad.