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SWIMMING: Keri-Anne Payne admitted her Olympic silver medal had helped her overcome pre-race anxiety as she went one better to take the gold in the 10k open water race at the World Championships yesterday.
He went one better the following season when the club clinched its first title in six years.
Usually, an exhaust system is in place to absorb the emissions from the air, but Beltech Engineering, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, went one better with its Travelair Exhaust System, which travels with the crane to manage the fumes at their origin.
O hAilpin was a shock inclusion on Denis Pagan's senior panel this week but went one better by playing in their Wizard Cup quarter-final against Geelong.
Travellers Rest had a good couple of weeks as they started with a 6-3 win at British Queen and then went one better in their home fixture with the Bull as they chalked up a 7-2 win.
THE GIANTS, who ended 15 League defeats when they drew with London last week, went one better and chalked up their first win of the season.