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Mr Owen's partner went round to check on him and arrived to find Williams sat on top of Mr Owen, punching him.
In an effort to keep his licence, Ellison went round his local pub asking people to lie for him by claiming they were driving at the time.
I went round to complain but his mother said I was just a busybody with nothing better to do than moan.
Paul Casey also went round in 69 to hold on to third place, ahead of Rory McIlroy, who made four straight birdies en route to a round of 68 that gave him a share of fourth place with Hunter Mahan.
The members of the delegation went round the Museum in which antiques found from the ruins were preserved and put on display.
Railwayman Ben Wray went round the bend when toilet facilities at his new home were cut off for four days, a court heard today.
A baby had a miraculous escape when a pushchair was flung from a bus when it went round a roundabout.
The horses went round and round in one place, which powered a long, spring-loaded shaft, which powered the plunger for pressing the hay.