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ABOVE. Literally higher in place: But in law this word is sometimes used to designate the superior court, or one which may revise proceedings of an inferior court error, from such inferior jurisdiction. The court of error is called the court above; the court whose proceedings are to be examined is called the court below.
     2. By bail above, is understood bail to the action entered with the prothonotary or clerk, which is an appearance. See Bail above. The bail given to the Sheriff, in civil cases, when the defendant is arrested on bailable process, is called bail below; (q.v.) vide Below.

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BEIRUT: The artists weren't above roughhousing in the middle of Dar al-Mussawir's exhibition space during Wednesday's opening night, but such fittingly childish theatrics in no way detracted from the quality of the young photographers' work on display.
Several NEAF exhibitors weren't above having a little lighthearted fun to mark 2009 as the 400th anniversary of Italian astronomer Galileo turning his telescope skyward.
General Manager Noel D'Mello hinted that Turkey could be one place they were looking at and that they weren't above going after conventional entities if need be.
Some of them rode horseback, and they weren't above a collective prank.
Not that the Lakers weren't above making a change to try and get more out of Bryant than the two points and four shots he had through three quarters in Friday's loss to Detroit.
Describe the decor It's full of character with a beautiful wood gantry, original stained glass in many of the windows, loads of pictures of old Paisley and two legendaryprevious owners - sisters who weren't above sending a wayward male home on pay day with his wage packet intact.
Writers also weren't above poking fun: Witness the bitchin' guitar riffs that scored some of Alex and Marissa's more suggestive scenes (inspiring Seth to put it this way to Ryan: "Alex and Marissa--no longer welcome in the red states").