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ABOVE. Literally higher in place: But in law this word is sometimes used to designate the superior court, or one which may revise proceedings of an inferior court error, from such inferior jurisdiction. The court of error is called the court above; the court whose proceedings are to be examined is called the court below.
     2. By bail above, is understood bail to the action entered with the prothonotary or clerk, which is an appearance. See Bail above. The bail given to the Sheriff, in civil cases, when the defendant is arrested on bailable process, is called bail below; (q.v.) vide Below.

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And, it seems, they weren't above a bit of spying on the side and one even found himself awarded a plot of land for penning a ditty that involved breaking wind.
Yet they weren't above offering to cut up the children's roast lamb - a small but much-appreciated touch for parents who inevitably start their meals five minutes after their offspring.
Colleague Pam Begbie said that even young mums weren't above suspicion.
But beyond Utah, Malone and longtime teammate John Stockton developed reputations as dirty players who weren't above throwing elbows and grabbing jerseys.