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Many of the questions that were dropped into the youth centre's questions box were about masturbation and wet dreams.
Liberated sexuality was an exchange of information: "Confrontation," writes Greer in Wet Dreams, "is political awareness.
While the story gives him the comfort of the occasional wet dream, the movie leaves us with the image of two shirts entwined.
Daisy serves no dramatic purpose whatsoever ( she is a teenage boy's wet dream in shorts cut so high she must chafe terribly in hot weather.
Davey, the singer, is thrillingly unphotogenic - an orthodontist's wet dream -with a battered, tremulous voice that couldn't be further from the mid-Atlantic,cliched mannerisms of every wannabee that will be trooped in front of our screens for the next few months.
It's a sea-to-shining sea digital saturation that makes the service a trucker's wet dream, but it's the almost hilariously plentitudinous multi- genre programming that's sexy to anyone who falls under the rubric of music buff," writes senior writer Chris Willman.
Presumably it was some producer's wet dream - and no-one had the balls to question it.
It's been 35 years since George Lucas' brainchild, "Star Wars," premiered in theaters, launching a multibillion-dollar franchise -- along with Harrison Ford's acting career -- and eventually making every fanboy's wet dream come true: Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa in the iconic golden bikini.
55pm All of the The F and the F movies are better than the sum of their parts, and it's not just because the amount of fast cars and stunts make it seem like a Jeremy Clarkson wet dream.
The plot was flimsier than Jo Grant's smalls, but Caroline Chikezie (right) looked sensational as the callous cybersex symbol, a wet dream for any simpering male with a kink for domination.
But what worries me is that when I asked her, she told me she has never played with herself, never masturbated or had a wet dream.