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WETHER. A castrated ram, at least one year old in ark indictment it may be called a sheep. 4 Car. & Payne, 216; 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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SCORING Edinburgh: Craig Cook (captain) 7, Justin Sedgmen 11+2, Kevin Wolbert 12, Erik Riss 6+1, Sam Masters 11, Max Clegg 5+1, Rob Branford 4+2 Newcastle: Stevie Worrall 9, Liam Carr (guest) 2+1, Lewis Kerr - Rider replacement, Anton Rosen 7+1, Ludvig Lindgren (captain) 11+2, Simon Nielsen 5, Matthew Wethers 0 BANDITS LOSE BERWICK Bandits lost 57-35 to Plymouth Devils in last night's Premier League battle in the west country.
Wethers that were castrated early are more likely to develop problems with urinary stones.
Body weight, ADG, carcass traits and selection criteria of Boer cross wethers and bucks are summarized in Table 2.
Wales international Oster, now at Crystal Palace, and Wethers were nicked hours later.
Mule wether lambs from high-indexed Bluefaced Leicester rams produced carcasses with more lean meat and less fat in every joint, without being much larger.
It was the 17th straight game that Shipp (23 points), Wethers (21) and Tamir (18) scored in double figures.
Individual Riders' Scorecharts: Workington: Ricky Wells 15, Rusty Harrison - Rider replacement, Rene Bach 10+3, Kenneth Hansen 17+1, Kyle Howarth (captain) 7, Ryan Blacklock (guest) 1, Matthew Wethers 9+2 Berwick: Rohan Tungate (guest) 4, Anders Mellgren 5, Ryan Fisher (guest) 11+1, Claus Vissing - Rider replacement, Kevin Doolan (captain) 7, Coty Garcia 2+1, Richard Hall 4+1
Stuart Robson and Lewis Kerr lead the race to the first bend of heat five ahead of Claus Vissing and Matther Wethers
Team-mate Liam Carr had got out of shape and Wethers, battling to keep an eager Rafal Konopka at bay, clattered the back of Carr's machine and fell heavily in front of the pits.
You have your commercial ranchers who are raising goats in quantities to take to market, there are people whose sole focus is on breeding animals, and you also have those who sell wethers to the 4-H and FFA exhibitors, not to forget those who do a combination of some or all of these.
Ryan Fisher, Andrew Tully and Matthew Wethers all scored full or paid maximums for Monarchs.
EDINBURGH: Derek Sneddon 8+2, Carl Stonehewer 8+1, Thomas H Jonasson 8+1, Aaron Summers 8+1, Andrew Tully 7+3, Ryan Fisher 7+1, Matt Wethers 6+2 BIRMINGHAM: Jason Lyons 12, Kyle Legault 8, Jack Hargreaves 3+1, Jack Roberts 3, Craig Watson 2, Lee Smart 1 James Birkinshaw 0