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Huddersfield weather man Paul Stevens said the wettest November in history was in 2009 when there was 215mm of rain.
5mm Amount of rain that fell in Cork on May 2 making it the wettest day in Ireland last month
1in) in the UK is the fourth highest total on record, meaning five of the six wettest years have happened since 2000.
A spokesman said it has been the wettest winter on record - where the precipitation records date back to 1766.
The Met Office also said there had been a high frequency of wet years since 2000, with four of the five wettest years on record occurring since the beginning of this century.
After the UK's wettest summer in a century, England and Wales are now on course for the wettest start of autumn for 12 years, the Met Office said.
The misery follows our wettest summer for 100 years.
8 inches) that has fallen across the UK puts the month as the third wettest for the UK in records dating back more than a century to 1910.
April 29, 2012 was the wettest day of the month, and that was the day when the company recorded its maximum enquiry level for overseas vacations, mostly for destinations in the Caribbean and in Florida, US.
2-1 Si Si Sir Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch C i ri ri r s Sir Ch Ch Ch Ch Chri ri ri ri ri ri ri ri ri ri ris Sir Chris Hoy to win exactly three gold medals An An An Andy d 13-8 Andy Murray wins a Grand Slam title K t d 1 te te te and nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd Kate and Wills' first child born in Scotland 20-1 We We We We We We Wett tt tt ttest Wettest year on record
Our team of numbercrunchers launched a major study of crime figures during the 10 wettest and 10 sunniest days of 2009 and 2010.
Worcester's wettest March occurred in 1936 when 11.