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The new weed whacker, I had to admit, was a small miracle of miniaturization.
Boateng attempted to commit an assault and battery with the weed whacker and that he attempted to place Ms.
I've been telling Whacker what to expect when he goes to Old Trafford and, when he crosses that white line, he'll be fully prepared and looking forward to the game as much as I was.
By the time Whacker had finished and I hobbled back into the dining room, the beans on toast had become a congealed sculpture by Tracy Emin and I never eat works of art.
The rest is treated with weed whackers and by other non-chemical means.
And Whacker, 39, has attributed some of this change to his friendship with al-Qaeda terrorists.
Whacker will build you an extension, Carl will sort out your boiler, Lord Honley will provide legal advice, and Hobby and Geoff will both paint your house.
You need a weed whacker or a mower,'' a frustrated son said as he struggled to continue clearing the brush from the grave markers of family members.
An electric lawn mower and weed whacker were soon to follow.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Stone & Youngberg announces the opening of its Chicago office at 30 South Whacker Dr.
2) Chris Williams turns her whacker on some weeds growing in Northridge.
That's not close to UK carp records, but to Tiptonites it's a real whacker.