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WHEEL. The punishment of the wheel was formerly to put a criminal on a wheel, and then to break his bones until he expired. This barbarous punishment was never used in the United States, and it has been abolished in almost every civilized country.

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Like RehaDesign's Wheelchair Slippers, RehaDesign Wheelchair Socks feature a special inner lining that grips to the wheels and prevents slippage.
For more information about Free Wheelchair Mission, please visit freewheelchairmission.
Christine added: "Getting the scheme up and running will involve some major changes to how we organise each aspect of our service, but we expect to be able to roll out a wheelchair in a day to most of our service users by spring, 2016.
Wheelchairs allow worshippers into the mosque through 10 gates such as the King Abdul Aziz, the Ajyad New, the Honain, Al-Safa, Arqam Escalator, Al-Marwah Escalator and Al-Marwah.
15am-12noon); wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby (Channel 4, 12.
The hand-crafted bamboo wheelchairs, which JAL and two other organizations began work on four years ago, are largely made of bamboo, with other parts made of rubber, carbon fiber or plastic.
The amnesty will take place throughout next month and wheelchairs can be dropped off at the service's base at the Victoria Therapy Centre in Hawkey's Lane or alternative arrangements can be made for the wheelchair to be collected free of charge by calling the wheelchair service.
The wheelchair was originally equipped with an electronical control system.
Sundays, with two storage spaces to keep their sports wheelchairs.
All students viewed both photographs of the child in a wheelchair and the other in a kitchen chair.
But Mr Morris, who is 6ft 2in tall, says his non-motorised wheelchair is too wide for the coaches.
Dancers, some wheelchair bound and others without disabilities, enveloped themselves in sheer colored fabrics, covering their faces.