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However, as is the case with other wheelchair cushion properties in the standard, the results in isolation are not intended to directly inform clinical decision-making or user selection.
Wheelchair cushions for persons with spinal cord injury: An update.
A comparison of interface pressure readings to wheelchair cushions and positioning: A pilot study.
Numerous types of wheelchair cushions are available commercially, and nearly all claim to prevent, or at least delay, pressure ulcer development of all kinds, including DTI.
Support surfaces such as wheelchair cushions, other seating surfaces, and mattresses can have a major influence on the microclimate experienced by these tissues and are thought to be the result of a complex interaction between tissue physiology, environmental conditions, and the properties of the materials used in the construction of the seating system when loaded by the body and their overall geometry [6].
The Air Flow[R] Wheelchair Cushion features adjustable air chambers that provide customized comfort, femur channels to improve body positioning and stability, and a soft synthetic sheepskin cover to promote dryness.
The presence of an IP mat will change the immersion of a buttocks model when loaded on a wheelchair cushion.
Evaluation of pressure and durability of a low-cost wheelchair cushion designed for developing countries.
We use low air loss mattresses that alternate airflow and specialized wheelchair cushions for patients with lower back/buttock wounds or areas of potential concern.
The team should provide staff in-services (including a sign-in sheet for all those trained) on the application and use of preventive products, such as wheelchair cushions, body alarms, hip protectors, and so on.
Made from Stevens Urethane's thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the Stimulite line of wheelchair cushions from Supracor, Inc.
Other products range from Flexsteel office chairs and E-Foam pillows to wheelchair cushions.