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WHEEL. The punishment of the wheel was formerly to put a criminal on a wheel, and then to break his bones until he expired. This barbarous punishment was never used in the United States, and it has been abolished in almost every civilized country.

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The masterly horsemanship of the Disinherited Knight, and the activity of the noble animal which he mounted, enabled him for a few minutes to keep at sword's point his three antagonists, turning and wheeling with the agility of a hawk upon the wing, keeping his enemies as far separate as he could, and rushing now against the one, now against the other, dealing sweeping blows with his sword, without waiting to receive those which were aimed at him in return.
There he doubled up in limp agony, for the Wheeling "stogie "joined with the surge and jar of the screw to sieve out his soul.
They were backing and wheeling as a grain-cart's axle caught them by the horns.
returns the trooper, wheeling his chair to face the old man.
I saw him seize Thurid by the shoulder, wheeling him around in my direction as he pointed to where I was now plainly visible, for the moment that I knew I had been perceived I cast aside every attempt at stealth and broke into a mad race for the flier.
They trotted past us, and then stopped behind a little patch of bush about a hundred yards away, wheeling round to look at us.
To see our young men, brightly dressed and cigarettes alight, wheeling off to the rendezvous, Grubb guiding the lady's machine beside him with one skilful hand and Bert teuf-teuffing steadily, was to realise how pluck may triumph even over insolvency.
There it lay, a tranquil sea or lake without water, if such a simile be admissible, with the day going down upon it: a few birds wheeling here and there: and solitude and silence reigning paramount around.
Limbert will also assume the duties of president and chief executive officer of WesBanco Bank Wheeling as of Jan.
The proposal provides for the formation of a new company in which existing Wheeling Pitt shareholders would receive one share of the new company's stock for each share of WPSC stock they hold and Esmark shareholders would receive 17.
Finally, we have consulted with some of the major lenders of Wheeling Pitt as recently as yesterday, including the lead creditor.
Wheeling Mayor Nick Sparachane and the leadership of Hopeful Housing Corporation yesterday joined a wide-range of community leaders and housing partners who all share the determination to revitalize the community and help more Wheeling families become first-time homeowners.