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WHELPS. The young of certain animals of a base nature, or ferae naturae.
     2. It is a rule that when no larceny can be committed of any creatures of a base nature, which are ferae naturae, though tame and reclaimed, it cannot be committed of the young of such creatures in the nest, kennel, or den. 3 Inst. 109; 1 Russ. on Cr. 153.
     3. The owner of the land is, however, considered to have a qualified property in such animals, ratione impotentia. 2 Bl. Com. 394.

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Maggie Lucas, his trainer, has been coaxing some cracking runs from Minnies Turbo of late and the Smooth Rumble whelp can stay on to land the spoils in the 1.
06 and that might be all the Spiral Nikita whelp needs to score.
The latter, a November 1996 whelp, has good winning form to his credit.
The December '02 Knockeevan Star whelp has only been given slightly more to do on the back of that effort and ought to prove capable of a trap-to-line success.
However, a draw outside TolertonDashermaynotbethe bestplacetobefortheJune10 whelp,whichpointsto LilRisky aswellworthawagertoavenge thatYarmouthdefeat.
The Spiral Nikita whelp is poised for a clear run on the outside from trap six.
43)givesMark May's JamaicanMecrazy (T1) anopportunitytoshineandthe June 09 Geordie Parker whelp, whohaswonfiveofhislastnine A4 contests, is fancied to slip round in a handy pitch before explodingintoactiondownthe farside.
Tonight justice should be served with the December 09 whelp getting his first A1 title on his cv.
ONE TO PLAY Isit Possible (Romford) ALTHOUGH a February 10 whelp, Dave Mullins's bitch is fully exposed at Romford having raced 26 times, winning nine.
Barrie Draper's Farlow Holly is running into form and the October 09 whelp, who showed plenty of heart and determination in the heats, may fare best from the adverse draw in six.