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WHELPS. The young of certain animals of a base nature, or ferae naturae.
     2. It is a rule that when no larceny can be committed of any creatures of a base nature, which are ferae naturae, though tame and reclaimed, it cannot be committed of the young of such creatures in the nest, kennel, or den. 3 Inst. 109; 1 Russ. on Cr. 153.
     3. The owner of the land is, however, considered to have a qualified property in such animals, ratione impotentia. 2 Bl. Com. 394.

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DyYARBAKIR (CyHAN)- People were affected by struggle of a dog which tried to save its whelp which was hit by a vehicle in Turkish southeastern province of Diyarbakyr.
The July 2005 whelp was winning his ninth open race and once again highlighted the talent of Sallis and his team.
Pat Thompson's Droopys Vieri whelp has just the make up he needs to go one better than last time, when he was an eye-catching second to Brave Spirit.
Dad, of course, is just the greatest guy from beginning to end, even if he is hiding a sappy secret and is driven to slap the ungrateful whelp once or twice.
The September '13 whelp has won four of his six races to date and is unbeaten after two rounds of the €8,000-to-the-winner Newbridge feature.