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Head over to the Gnarly Whey product page for a complete product profile.
This Australian, randomised, blinded, parallel-design study was conducted over 12 weeks with a 4-week washout period prior to commencing the intervention during which time participants were asked to avoid consumption of dairy products in order to reduce whey and casein intake.
What's remarkable is that consuming whey protein before meals reduces the blood sugar spikes seen after meals.
The new method detected as little as 30 ppb ([micro]g of norbixin per kg of solids) in liquid whey containing 6.
According to Fonterra, two companies used the contaminated whey protein to produce infant formula.
Identify novel ingredients and the strategies being employed to move whey protein beyond the sports nutrition market.
In short, we are confident that with The Good Whey Company we are going to bring the importance of dietary protein for healthy muscles and bones front of mind for a much wider audience and, ultimately, stimulate greater demand for whey protein products.
Unlike the prior study, she grouped people into different categories and found that whey lowered blood pressure by six points or more in some of them.
Whey can also be used as a starter when making summer sausage.
Volac (Stand 8C56) is demonstrating the capability of its new crystalline Volactose Whey Permeate as a high performance cross-category sodium and sugar replacer.
Now, new research is illustrating whey protein's benefits for older populations, who are at risk for age-related loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia).