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further clarified its decision in Whimsicality I by holding that the
On the one hand, Wall's post-urban landscapes are undefined and whimsical; on the other, their whimsicality is constrained because they are constructed on the basis of pictorial models.
There comes a point beyond which whimsicality becomes torturous.
I wanted the whimsicality of a traditional braid, but to instill a fashion twist," Daven tells us.
No, but I think what I want to do with the bags is I want to have like two sisters, two twins in terms of quality, whimsicality in a way, and drawing.
Whimsicality and political patronage are anathema to sound administration.
Jean Illingworth, a lifelong resident of Sowerby, reflects this powerful sense of belonging in this personal reminiscence of Yorkshire village life in all its prosaic whimsicality, from the 1940s to today.
This band has a sense of whimsicality to it that makes the music fresh and vibrant.
For the most part, this monster canvas is reminiscent of a formless Willem de Kooning woman infused with the whimsicality of Al Held.
For years he has lectured on literary topics and writing folk, and the meat of his information has always been garnished with the whimsicality for which those who know him best have learned to look.
Despite the presence of such substantial acting talents as Patricia Hodge, Joanna McCallum and Eleanor Bron - and an appealingly perky performance from Natalia Tena as Matilde - what Ruhl's play leaves is an impression of pretentious whimsicality too insubstantial to justify even its less than two-hour span.