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The story calls to mind the kind of liveliness and whimsicality attributed to some Zen masters as evidenced by the accounts of the Mumonkan and Hekiganroku.
2d at 730-31 (giving deference to Copyright Office practices); Whimsicality, Inc.
further clarified its decision in Whimsicality I by holding that the
Throughout, the chef-presenter relied on a familiar self-mocking tone to claim knowing ironic distance from his consumptive privilege, and this stylised whimsicality continues to defend and secure his ever-expanding River Cottage empire and online product overflow.
It brings in grace, whimsicality, and softness and feel of an edge.
This citation exemplifies the whimsicality and bourgeois insouciance that too frequently characterizes Kuyper's illustrations of common grace.
The new style--introduced by philosophers and writers such as Shaftesbury, Temple, Addison, and Pope, rather than by professional gardeners--was not characterized by a predilection for the whimsicality of nature, but rather by the image of the whimsicality and irregularity of nature (Tobey 128-35).
What will happen to the Shariah tenets, which are fundamentally divine matters, when they fall into human hands which are subject to human, fallible norms such as perception, memory, interpretation, whimsicality and personal interest?
For Brodsky, any kind of orthodoxy was inimical: "the surest defense against Evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even--if you will--eccentricity" (LTO 385).
It has been too easy to overlook Melies's importance as a truly great artist, valuing his work for its technical innovations but dismissing it as merely clever tricks for comic effect, and I suppose it has been a little bit the same with Breer and his whimsicality, not to mention the aw-shucks demeanor he always maintained.
The will to power seemed the only alternative left if the original essence of man had evaporated in the transitoriness and whimsicality of the evolutionary process.
Many readers since, familiar with Lamb as a poet of mournful sensibility, and, in the guise of "Elia," as a "familiar" essayist of paradox and whimsicality, have echoed Southey's bewilderment.