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It's been nice because that way we can give customers almost f ,000 feet of a regular Whimsy store In their area, and they can have a customized, personalized shopping experience with their friends in their area.
Her latest endeavor is Whimsy Fashion, which is an online boutique that sells modern women's apparel and sportswear for all ages.
Whimsy is what happens when an object begs to be seen in a different perspective.
The downside is that some of the stream of consciousness whimsy has been sacrificed for contemporary production values, but still a great album.
Bit of Whimsy wins: Bit of Whimsy raced to her first Grade I victory, beating Dreaming of Anna by 21/4 lengths in the $500,000 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky.
The Cetra/Ruddy team envisioned this 1,165 s/f one bedroom apartment as a study in whimsy, reflecting the shoe designer's edgy energy.
From different types of dragons and reasons to raise them to dragon lore, fantasy, and much whimsy, this is a fun and engaging book for any fan of the dragon.
His unwavering faith and enduring sense of whimsy are an inspiration to his confreres and friends.
Stretching from floor to ceiling, they admit whimsy without sacrificing an ounce of beauty, and their titles, Frieze Festoon (all works 2005) and FedEx Festoon (the former is made of glass, string, and laminated ephemera, the latter of glass and laminated FedEx airbills), underscore an unapologetically decorative intent.
He has also given the world a startling image of paranoia and intolerance--evidence that when religious liberty is lost, so too are imagination and whimsy.
A lime silk lamp provides light and a bit of whimsy.