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A cool breath from the snows met us about five miles out of Kalka, and she whined for her coat, wisely fearing a chill on the liver.
Water-noises ran by close to his ear, and beams creaked and whined about him.
Maharaj,' whined Kim, using the Hindu form of address, and thoroughly enjoying the situation; 'my father is dead - my mother is dead - my stomach is empty.
Kadlu grinned back till his eyes were almost buried in the fat of his flat cheeks, and nodded to Amoraq, while the puppy's fierce mother whined to see her baby wriggling far out of reach in the little sealskin pouch hung above the warmth of the blubber-lamp.
No; but one of them was mine all the same," whined the little man.
As it was, the jar made her catch her breath and wonder what had happened; and Toto put his cold little nose into her face and whined dismally.
Though she invariably listened with a sweet patience which encouraged them to continue long after the point at which she had begun in spirit to throw things at them, Annette had no sympathy with men who whined.