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It is when your mind becomes idle that people become whiney and paranoid.
Riley should be a strong female character but comes across as a whiney girl who would rather be saved than save herself.
That achieves nothing more than giving the impression we in the LGBTQA community are just a bunch of whiney ne'er-do-wells.
Meredith Whiney has targeted the United States while Euler Hermes is focused on Germany.
A good example was the whiney letter in Mike Venturino's column (shooting Iron, Sept/Oct 2010).
Later, after work, we entered our apartment building to hear a whiney drone echoing around the block and across the street.
Day two of the World Cup and a I've just read a whiney story about USA fans complaining about a "lack of respect" in the English media coverage ahead of Saturday's match between the two countries in Rustenburg.
KATE NASH My Best Friend Is You Gone are Miss Nash's irritating, whiney vocals and annoying songs, replaced by a collection of pop monsters.
said today that it is expanding use of liquid cooling on its workstations to tackle another problem: whiney and irritating fans.
One of the health care's big challenges is that so many doctors have become specialists, leaving a shortage of primary care doctors who deal with the whiney sick kids, the grumpy old folks and all in between.
Joyfully and melodiously belting out the words of Shosholoza, a traditional Southern African folk song meaning "go forward", it sure beats the whiney 'happy birthday' song that's usually mumbled out in an embarrassed fashion.
What is it with all the whiney letters from readers taking you to task for featuring 'spensive guns?