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In Holy Terror, Bob Colacello depicts a whiny artiste prodding his hench-hustlers to "pop the question" to his posh prey.
We're tired, cold and whiny at the mere thought of such a journey.
A plane engine's sound is normally high-pitched and whiny.
Nor are they the tuned-out, "dufus," or whiny nowhere generation they are often portrayed as.
It felt like the whiny American thing of "We're one big family.
Maybe it sounds whiny to say so, but our society still harbors a strong current of opposition to women's progress, one that will continue to operate with or without government sanction.
She's a whiny neurotic while his pretentiousness will probably make you want to throw darts at the screen.
But he's unlikely to achieve either with this whiny sort-of sequel starring a handful of the previous film's secondary characters.
With Axl Rose's whiny screech and the band's stripped-down dirty sound, Guns N' Roses proved an odd choice for rock 'n' roll saviors, but maybe it was the band's apparent flaws that made it so appealing.
After that goal, Dirk Kuyt picked up Sneijder to perform the lesser-spotted carrying-over-the-threshold celebration - an action surely intended to imply that van Persie was like a whiny, nagging housewife, whereas Kuyt and Sneijder were in the early bliss of a blossoming romance.
Brad Pitt, above, and Morgan Freeman are the cops trying to bring him to justice, Gwyneth Paltrow is Brad's whiny wife, and Kevin Spacey is mesmerising as the bad guy, back when he was still able to act.