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I wish I'd accepted now because if I had, the food industry would have been savagely whipped into shape, made to take responsibility and forced to adhere to strict limits on fat, sugar and salt.
The 32-year-old has been getting whipped into shape by her personal trainer Deana Mogan.
Anyone who's not up to scratch will be whipped into shape by a team of eagle-eyed helpers.
One lady who nipped to the little girls' room during a Marie Curie Cancer Care fundraising dinner was shocked to find herself at the mercy of Britain's top model, having her barnet whipped into shape.
They will be encouraged to stay fit, given an hour a day to work out as long as staffing permits, and will have to pass a physical performance test every two years or be faced with spending some time being whipped into shape by the academy's director of health and fitness, Sgt.
From our very own Fade Street and their unbelievably wooden yet adorable acting skills, to E4's Tool Academy, where a bunch of slobby boyfriends are whipped into shape, I'm an addict.
So, if you're keen to enlist and get whipped into shape, visit www.
For long spells it looked as though the Goodison machine had once more broken down - but whipped into shape by their taskmaster David Moyes, everything went full steam ahead in a powerful second-half performance.
WE have teamed up with Sadolin to offer five lucky readers the opportunity to win two cans of Sadolin Classic to the value of pounds 50 so that garden wood can be whipped into shape, score top marks for looks and durability just in time for some summer entertaining.
Now I am a big supporter of wanting to see the Olympics in the UK, but for a small percentage of the money being spent, Silverstone could be whipped into shape for 2010 and thereafter.