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As President and cofounder of Whipsaw, Dan is also the hands-on Principal Designer where he directs the strategic and conceptual direction of most client accounts.
This whipsaw against taxpayers is exacerbated to the extent of the interest-rate differential on underpayments and overpayments.
If the whipsaw is applied against taxpayers, the results will be catastrophic.
With no counter balance, multi-national corporations whipsaw workers and nations to prevent and eliminate bargaining rights.
amp;bull;Euro looking to carve out fresh lower top ahead of next drop •Dollar/Yen confined to inside day price action •Cable mirrors Wednesday price action following whipsaw trade •Dollar/Swiss well supported on dips; look to buy EUR/USD EUR/USD - Not yet ready to break down after triggering a major head & shoulders top on Monday.
Independent oil and gas research, Derrick petroleum Service on Thursday said a $20 Billion excess of Oil and Gas assets is currently for sale worldwide due to the whipsaw in oil and gas prices demand in the economic downturn with estimated value of more than $10 million.
This has to qualify as one of the most whipsaw career moves in history.
taxpayer from the whipsaw resulting where losses on the sale of stock of a foreign affiliate are allocated to foreign-source income.
Highly integrated design and technology best describe this stunning new Whipsaw release
CROSS COUNTRY: MIDDAY SNAPSHOT & ANALYSIS OF SELECTED RATES It has been a wild morning of trade in the US with the majority of the whipsaw price action resulting from comments from Treasury Secretary Geithner who initially sent the USD into a tailspin after saying that he was "quite open" to China's suggestion of moving to an SDR-linked currency system.
Threat Matrix'' is essentially another crime-procedural show, with scads of impenetrable techno-babble and Middle Eastern names spewed at a breathless rate, too many characters to reasonably follow (except to understand whether they're integral to the story line) and a whipsaw pace that prevents viewers much chance to wonder at the implausibility of it all.
593, 1993, the government consolidated the cases to prevent the whipsaw that had resulted in Arnes I and II.