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antitrust's recovery rules create a whipsaw effect to settle.
He shows how in textiles, construction, and printing, multi-employer bargaining is the rule in most countries, where indeed, as others have argued, the competitive, labor-intensive, and small-scale nature of enterprises makes centralization attractive for taking wages out of competition and countering the whipsaw tactic.
A whipsaw is a calculation that, when deemed appropriate, requires cash balance plans to pay benefits in excess of a participant's account balance.
However, trading this pair requires a strong stomach with the market often chopping around in whipsaw fashion at extremes, to make the art of picking a top or bottom very challenging.
Therefore, to the extent the losses on an unidentified hedge are treated as capital under general tax principles, the taxpayer could have capital loss and ordinary gains, potentially resulting in a character whipsaw.
stocks fell for an eighth straight day Friday in a whipsaw session that sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its biggest point swing ever.
The c razy , whipsaw editing Cuisinarts maudlin, wacky and confrontational moments before you can register them, which doesn't inspire much confidence that the rest of the show's going to be any more distinctive, does it?
But along with the welcome liquidity that capital market access brings and the deepening of the investor base comes the whipsaw effect from here-again/gone-again capital.
In either case, the IRS's current basic "netting" practice may ameliorate the interest-rate whipsaw.
This has to qualify as one of the most whipsaw career moves in history.