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The flame transitions into a fire tornado (center) then settles into an efficiently burning blue whirl (right).
Swirl Whirl has done an amazing job of staying true to the initial vision throughout their advertising, store experience and online persona, and we value our ongoing creative relationship.
The Evening Whirl had a singular design--mug shots, both profile and obverse, were wainscoted two deep below the headlines.
And finally there is a companion product for the cinnamon whirl, which was voted Catering Product of the Year in the 2000 British Frozen Foods Federation Awards, in the form of a Toffee Pecan Whirl.
In the remainder of this paper, we first describe a logic for database integration called WHIRL (for Word-based Heterogeneous Information Representation Language--the phrase "information representation language" indicating an intermediate point between information retrieval systems and knowledge representation systems).
On the other hand, poems that express the marvel of the body, its quickness, the cells buzzing along whether we know it or not, display their own whirl and buzz on the page, often with long lines and comma after comma rushing us along.
They leap and whirl and kick their rear feet as graceful as gazelles, racing about up and down the hillside as I watch unnoticed from the south-facing windows of my home.
He spent the next ten years studying storms and in 1831 published his evidence to the effect that storm winds whirl counter-clockwise around a center that moves in the normal direction of the prevailing winds.
Yes, the 71-year-old Evening Whirl is still being published--alive and well in all its sensational glory.
In a food processor, whirl 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour and 1/4 cup sugar.
The pounds 70,000 attraction will whirl riders into dizzy, giddy peaks while they are transported in one of 12 gyrating barrels in a mock beer fest.