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The gale from the West had now spent its force, and the wind got into the South again, which frightened me lest I should be taken back to the terrible whirlpool of Charybdis.
A jury-man is not more glad to get home to supper, after having been long detained in court by troublesome cases, than I was to see my raft beginning to work its way out of the whirlpool again.
There were more stories in his head as good as "The Whirlpool," and at forty dollars apiece he could earn far more than in any job or position.
Four days for 'The Ring of Bells,' two days for 'The Whirlpool.
From time to time, this noise and clamor redoubled; the current which drove the crowd towards the grand staircase flowed backwards, became troubled, formed whirlpools.
Where the edge of the current struck the slough-water was a series of eddies or small whirlpools.
Conflicting currents tore about in all directions, colliding, forming whirlpools, sucks, and boils, and shooting up spitefully into hollow waves which fell aboard as often from leeward as from windward.
He climbed and descended precipices on which vulgar mortals tremble to look; he passed marshes like the Serbonian bog,* where armies whole have sunk; he forded rivers where the current roared like the Egre or the Severn; or ventured himself on bridges that trembled under him, from which he looked down on foaming whirlpools, or dreadful abysses; he wandered over houseless heaths, amidst all the rage of the elements, with the snow driving in his face, and the tempest howling in his ears.
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Those early lessons made a lasting impact, as evidenced by Miller's career choice--marketing--and what he's accomplished as a vice president at Whirlpool Corp.
A sea change is occurring in employee communication at Whirlpool Corporation, the Benton Harbor, Mich.
At Kleentek's suggestion, Whirlpool first adopted a "patch test" for quick oil diagnoses.