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Blue whirls could be away to burn off oil spills on water without releasing much pollution, the researchers say, if they can find a way to control the flame in the wild.
In a laboratory experiment inspired by the conflagration, researchers produced a new, efficiently burning fire tornado, which they named a blue whirl.
Fans are fuming over the decision by the maker of French Fancies, Viennese Whirls and Angel Slices.
Washington, Mar 5 ( ANI ): Researchers exploring the aerodynamics of flying snakes has found that whirls of wind, the little vortices surrounding it, give them an extra lift.
Surprising her teacher, Lupita decides to join the dancers without a partner and whirls and dances spontaneously along with the rest of the group.
5) The semazen (whirling dervish) whirls while listening to musical tones Whirling Dervishes whirl around in circles.
But by far the largest number of Whirls amassed in one place belongs to a private archive.
Fill the piping bag then pipe quite deep whirls into a circle measuring 20-22.
Correlatively, the Mevlevis teach that as a dervish whirls with arms outstretched, his or her soul remembers its descent into the material world, reawakens to its divinity, and reunites with the Divine Essence from which it emerged at the moment of creation.
Rover researchers say that they probably owe thanks to dust devils, whirls of warm air and dust that are common on Mars and could have swept clean Spirit's arrays.
From their observations, they determined that the pulsar, dubbed XTE J1751-305, spins 435 times per second, while the companion star whirls around it once every 42 minutes.
Tilt-A-Whirl fanatics also know that they can affect the motion of a car by throwing their weight from side to side at crucial moments, turning cycles with little or no rotation into good whirls.