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She bent timidly around till her breath stirred his curls and whispered, "I -- love -- you
Some learned how by pleasant dreams to cheer and comfort mortal hearts, by whispered words bf love to save from evil deeds those who had gone astray, to fill young hearts with gentle thoughts and pure affections, that no sin might mar the beauty of the human flower; while others, like mortal children, learned the Fairy alphabet.
As long as I know that you understand," he whispered.
Bruno whispered to Sylvie, when they had got well out of hearing.
In very pity I bent down and whispered carefully near her ear, "His name is Ortega.
The people who had turned their heads turned them again as the service proceeded; and at last observing her they whispered to each other.
She whispered, and walked on tip-toe; she carried her skirt over her arm, so that it shouldn't rustle, and she held up her finger at me on the stairs, so that I shouldn't make a noise--it was you she was afraid of.
Wants to turn on the other side," whispered the servant, and got up to turn the count's heavy body toward the wall.
After a moment's hesitation he replied, "I nearly remember," and presently he added very gratefully, as if to some angel who had whispered to him, "I remember now.
No, I want you,' said Rosalie; and calling her sister to the window, she whispered an explanation in her ear; upon which the latter consented to go.
Then, to her surprise, she heard in whispered English; "Come quietly, while they are not looking.
The man," he whispered hoarsely, "sinned for the love of the woman.