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In the companies' on-going discussions and negotiations, Great White Elephant has been privileged to witness the birth of the recently created, One E.
Graham Robb, spokesman for North East Says No, said: "The white elephant is a symbol for the regional assembly.
White elephants have been revered for centuries in south east Asia and were the symbol of kingship in Burma, Thailand and Laos.
THE narrative leading to the Library of Birmingham being regarded as a White Elephant began with the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition's blind disregard for its women employee's equal rights and pay claim (Letters, November 9).
I seem to remember Ashington had a white elephant once before will this be the second one?
SIR - I note that at last the Welsh Government has admitted that it is going to pour more money into the Circuit of Wales white elephant, on top of the PS2m already spent.
10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Laughter danced through the offices at arc Thrift Stores as team members selected their top choices for the annual white elephant gift guide.
THE nuclear industry has been described as an expensive white elephant.
The white elephant would be a great stadium and no team.
For their part, Labour, in 2009, said of the showpiece tourist information centre: "We were always concerned we would be left with an expensive white elephant.
Director Matthew Sinclair said: "Politicians should focus on making commuter journeys more convenient and affordable, not a flashy new train set that will be a huge white elephant.
IT was a week when several of the Government's white elephant projects from the Celtic Tiger era came back to haunt us.