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White elephants, which are actually albinos, have been revered for centuries in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and other Asian nations.
As Stanley Renner proffers in his "Moving to the Girl's Side of 'Hills Like White Elephants,'" "[I]n choosing whether to abort or to have the child, the couple are [sic] choosing between two ways of life" (28).
This article explores how the exhibition of Barnum's white elephant, housed in the London Zoological Garden between January and March 1884, became a forum to discuss nineteenth-century theories of race.
Let these who dreamed up this white elephant pay for it.
In 1806, a golden barge escorted by gilded canoes filled with dancers and musicians was sent down the Irrawaddy River (named after Burma's version of the sacred white elephant Airavata) to fetch a newly captured pure-white elephant.
Although his work promises little hope of replicating the now-famous Bilbao Effect, it is also unlikely to leave a client the bankrupt owner of an unusable white elephant.
There was originally a good percentage of people who thought that this would be a white elephant.
Research shows that developing countries that turn to oil, gas and mineral exports for economic growth typically lose ensuing revenues to corruption, political patronage, higher military budgets and white elephant infrastructure projects.
The author has not only provided a multidimensional platform, but has done so in such a way that listeners will be motivated to either review the book's supporting photographs, or to perform research to view such items as the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, the White Elephant Museum, or surfboard evolution.
The refugees would be under one roof and, with careful planning - maybe using three-tier bunk beds, they could shelter the lot and redeem themselves for the most expensive white elephant ever.
Architects who cannot incorporate energy and water conservation and reuse, and renewable energy into their buildings, will become dinosaurs, as will their white elephant buildings.