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Right down below the White Horse is a curious deep and broad gully called "the Manger," into one side of which the hills fall with a series of the most lovely sweeping curves, known as "the Giant's Stairs.
There's nothing like the old country-side for me, and no music like the twang of the real old Saxon tongue, as one gets it fresh from the veritable chaw in the White Horse Vale; and I say with "Gaarge Ridler," the old west-country yeoman, -
for the county of Berks, in a village near the foot of the White Horse range.
The White Horse Vale, remember, was traversed by no great road-- nothing but country parish roads, and these very bad.
ANSWERED BY WHITE HORSE REGULAR, ROWAN GIBSON: Yes, pubs should be open on Boxing Day
Scott Ralst chef at the White Horse Oyster Seafood Bar, Edinburgh White Horse Oyster & Seafood Bar is situated on the site of the oldest inn on the Royal Mile, offering a dining experience focused on fresh seafood and shellfish.
The last time fans witnessed the singer on a white horse was in the "Blank Space" (https://www.
White Horse Plastics, an injection moulding firm in Oxfordshire, has developed a vibration dampening technology for record decks.
THE White Horse pub and restaurant in Balsall Common has presented The Lily Mae Foundation with PS500 - raised through donations from the sale of its hugely popular lasagne which returned to the menu in March.
NESTLED nicely somewhere in the middle of the top 10 most common English pub names comes The White Horse.
Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of 1840s Ireland and America, To Ride a White Horse is an epic historical saga of hope, loyalty, the strength of the human spirit, and the power of love.
White Horse begins with a short summary of the spiritual meaning of the white horse described in Revelation 19:11.