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Amiga is a Labrador, all black with a white patch on her throat.
Yet, as I write, my left eye is bathed in ointment and protected from a world full of bacteria by a large white patch that makes me look like a pantomime pirate.
Good varieties include Cherry Belle, which is red with a mild flavour and are slow to go woody, and Sparkler, which is red with a white patch at the root and matures very quickly.
Holly, believed to be 2 or 3 years old, has black-and-brown brindled fur, a white patch around her muzzle and is considered malnourished at a weight of about 50 pounds.
Bighorn are stocky, with white to brown coats and a distinctive white patch on their rumps.
They are buff below with black heads, a black "bib", white cheeks and a white patch on the back of their heads.
A persisting white patch needs to be investigated as soon as possible.
Others will be faced with the frightening discovery of a raised white patch (leukoplakia) in the area between the cheek and gums, where the tobacco is held for extended periods of time.
He has a pale blue fabric collar and a small white patch on his chest.
On the rocket, outline quilt the white patch at the top, quilt a squiggly line on the blue patch and a zigzag line on the white patch at the rocket base.