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Arkansas Business recently interviewed nine of the best-known white-collar defenders, presented here in alphabetical order:
cn indicates that since Apple launched iPhone, white-collar interest in buying iPhone has grown, whileTjskl.
Prof Levi, the latest in a long line of distinguished scholars to hold the post, said: "I may be the last elderly white male to occupy this post, judging from the excellent alternatives this time, and I am delighted that a number of younger scholars are coming through to form the next generation of white-collar criminologists.
The authors of this study surveyed law enforcement officers at all government levels on their perception of Internet and white-collar crime facilitated by the Internet.
The functions of the current ICC are outdated for the white-collar criminals of our age.
For the blue-collar workers the money they win is distributed evenly among themselves at the end of the game - but with the white-collar group the winner takes all.
He is co-editor of Crimes of Privilege and a reader on white-collar crime.
Now a partner with San Francisco law firm Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP, Bornstein concentrates on white-collar crime/criminal defense and securities enforcement.
AngloAustralian male blue-collar workers in this study confirmed what Australian retirees from white-collar working backgrounds a generation older are reported as saying, namely that traditional male culture has a negative effect on their health and wellbeing as well as on their relationships with others (Macdonald et al.
It's not difficult to hypothesize why many white-collar cases, with their defendants facing the possibility of trading in their mansions for federal prisons, are attractive to the media.
Researchers found that almost a fifth - 18 per cent - of vocational workers are happy in their work, compared to ten per cent of white-collar workers.
According to Goldman Sachs, up to 6 million white-collar jobs will be lost over 10 years.