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Teakell's white-collar defense practice includes cases involving fraud, embezzlement, computer crimes, environmental law violations, drugs and firearms violations, counterfeiting and criminal copyright infringement.
But Mr Hulmes believes white-collar boxing should have a governing body.
The researchers also found that white-collar prisoners were more likely to report having made friends in prison, they were less likely to report general difficulties, were less likely to report a need for safety, and were also less likely to report problems with cell mates.
About nine out of 10 (88%) Qataris and white-collar respondents supported that claim compared to 73% of migrant labourers.
We received nearly 1,000 resumes from white-collar Turkish workers after the recent global downturn.
Most of Chuck Banks' caseload is civil, but if he wades into criminal defense, it is only for white-collar cases.
cn indicates that since Apple launched iPhone, white-collar interest in buying iPhone has grown, whileTjskl.
The group promotes increased awareness of the impact of white-collar crime on society through dedicated research.
The new stabilisation agreement runs until 31 December 2010 and includes cutting 17 white-collar jobs as well as personal cost-cutting targets for all white-collar employees.
The research published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development showed that views of the current downturn being a white-collar recession were "wide of the mark".
If the ICC were to focus on white-collar crime in Africa, there is a good argument that this would be a lot more useful than international development assistance flows.
Some of these white-collar men first learnt of the gambling games from their office boys, domestic helps and building watchmen.