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Ivanhoe, Chair, National Real Estate Practice, Greenberg Traurig - A REAL ESTATE LAWYER'S ROLE IN A WHITE-HOT REAL ESTATE MARKET;
Working under the name Matmos, this San Francisco duo currently occupies white-hot status in a genre that prizes the genius of those who can make the most inventive and infectious loops out of the least likely samples.
99 purchase price, the white-hot demand could have netted her much more.
Currently making waves in the advertising industry for his no-holds-barred approach to advertising, the white-hot creative talent Alex Bogusky has been profiled in Lurzer's Archive, Communication Arts, Graphis, ADWEEK and the April 2002 Creativity (www.
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's rosy picture of the nation's economy means interest rates will remain low and the local real estate market will stay on its present, white-hot course, industry experts say.
net's deep relationships with national non-profit organizations like High/Scope and Jumpstart provide the company with a key competitive advantage in the white-hot e-learning space," said Aaron Lieberman, founder and CEO of Jumpstart, who serves as the chairman of the board for SchoolSuccess.
But when it comes to finding the white-hot center of a chaste sentiment, the former Catholic schoolgirl from suburban Chicago proved she's nobody's understudy.