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Energy released during the impact created "a glow of white-hot radiation" aimed at the continent, says Peter Schultz, a geologist at Brown University.
The wardens are sadists who perpetrate cruelty in the name of discipline, forcing soldiers on the brink of collapse beyond endurance to struggle up a brutal incline known as The Hill, a manmade, torturous tower of sand seared by a white-hot sun.
IN A WHITE-HOT BRAND SHUFFLE, FINNISH FUEGO ARTO SAARI HAS been relocated from eS to Soletech-sister-brand Etnies, single-handedly wiping out the rest of the team's hope of ever getting a pro shoe.
Certainly, the show dodged a bullet when ABC moved it from its Wednesday time slot opposite the white-hot ``Law & Order.
The author of The Front Runner jumps into the bullring with her new novel, along that familiar white-hot gay passion