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I think I'll have all this whitewashed," Sophie broke in, pointing to the ceiling.
The metal reflectors of the gas-jets sent crude waves of light against the whitewashed walls, and the iron flanks of the stove at the end of the hall looked as though they were heaving with volcanic fires.
They are very thick, and are often plastered and whitewashed and capped with projecting slabs of cut stone.
Afterwards, the wall was whitewashed or scraped down, I know not which, and the inscription disappeared.
The grey, hot mist, the whitewashed cabin, the long, ugly potato patch, the weird, pathetic figure of that old man from whose brain the light of life had surely passed for ever.
As they passed the little whitewashed cottage, she suddenly let go his hand, and darted inside.
There was a high wall all around, which had been whitewashed, and the gate just before our travelers was a mere opening in the wall, with no bars across it.
Here, instead of their handsome house, they have a tiny four-roomed cottage, with whitewashed walls and thatched roof, for a home.
The whitewashed walls were so painfully bare and staring that she thought they must ache over their own bareness.
To be sure,' said Mrs Nickleby, crying bitterly, 'he is a brute, a monster; and the walls are very bare, and want painting too, and I have had this ceiling whitewashed at the expense of eighteen-pence, which is a very distressing thing, considering that it is so much gone into your uncle's pocket.
Naturally I love her--she is so pretty that anybody with eyes in his head must love her--but too much of anything is bad, and next month the passages and offices are to be whitewashed, and people who have ever whitewashed their houses inside know what nice places they are to live in while it is being done; and there will be no dinner for Irais, and none of those succulent salads full of caraway seeds that she so devotedly loves.
He, however, who whitewasheth his house, betrayeth unto me a whitewashed soul.