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Pictures drama "A Texas Funeral" follows the eccentric Whit family members over a 24-hour period as they gather for the funeral of patriarch Grandpa Sparta (Martin Sheen -- "The West Wing," "Apocalypse Now").
My mother made our clothes and at Whitsun we had three dresses - a special one to wear with a new hat to mass on Whit Sunday, an ordinary one to wear to the Treat and an extra special one for Corpus Christi.
Have you got any Whit march photographs in your collection that we could publish?
And in that country Whit Monday would dawn cloudless and hazy with promise of skin-searing heat to come because, you see, it never rained on Whit Monday just as it always snowed at Christmas.
My brother has her prayer book that was given to her on that day from St Joseph's, which you will see was Whit Sunday, Sunday May 5, 1935," he says.