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Under the new rules, MPs whittle down the field - possibly through more than one round of voting in so called 'primary stages' - to just two candidates.
It's with that goal in mind that the Vipers are aggressively approaching the idea of acquiring veteran talent to bolster the team in the upcoming weeks as Junior-A programs whittle down their rosters.
It gives viewers a chance to help whittle down the final 20 tracks to just 10 by voting via tele-phone, text or online.
Creditors are expected to whittle down Daewoo's 22 affiliates to just the two firms and sell most of the rest.
Qualified industry peers and fellow professionals, including staff from the widely recognized monthly industry journals AVN and AVN Online, whittle down a list of literally thousands of pre-nominations to determine the final nominees.
As a result, most of the campaigning is being done via e-mail and Web sites as SAG members whittle down their choices for president, secretary- treasurer and for dozens of board seats on both coasts.