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However, individuals within the group who exhibit relatively high levels of ethnic identification should be more likely to prefer a similar source (Uelstchy & Krampf, 1997; Whittler, 1991; Williams & Quails, 1989).
These findings were analogous to those of Study 1 and suggest that an ethnic matching effect (Donthu & Cherian, 1992; Whittler & Spira, 2002) was found only through implicit measures.
As members of a community, people have a sense of identification with one or more countries and with one or more cultures (Deshpande et al, 1986; Whittler et al, 1991).
Britton's Serpentine Whittler is a refined, handmade 2-blade folder that not only exemplifies the high degree of craftsmanship found in the best handmade knives today, but features all the materials you'd expect in a fine knife.
The main blade is a look-hack or clip blade, measuring 2 3/4", the second blade is a pin blade and the third is a whittler.
She loved to knit, sew, and was a skilled cake decorator, whittler, and basket maker.
Bunch-up, chaps,'' he said, squeezing his bony backside between the whittler of miniature elephants and the toothless charmer of an emotionally-enfeebled snake.
Recent Projects: City of Kodlak treatment plant upgrade, City of Cordova water system upgrades, Alaska Seafood International facility design, Whittler Access Road design & construction services, Anchorage Regional landfill expansion, North Slope Borough water/wastewater projects, FAA environmental projects, Anchorage International Airport drainage & deicing.
Green, 1999; Whittler, 1989; Williams and Qualls, 1989) have focused almost exclusively on adults and have used black character advertisements that contained few black cultural cues.
Several studies demonstrated that presidential debates can increase voter knowledge (Davis, 1979; Drew & Weaver, 1991; Jacoby, Troutman, & Whittler, 1986; Lemert, 1993; Pfau, 1988; Pfau, Diedrich, Larson, & Van Winkle, 1993).
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