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Look for these hard-working hunting knives at a Case dealer near you, and ask about the Seahorse Whittler and Cheetah, two newly released classics.
The Limited Edition Swap Meet Set includes a Case Seahorse Whittler and a new Spectrum finish Zippo lighter.
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Ed Whittler, senior attorney at Peterson & Price, said everyone in the firm is looking forward to moving into larger, more convenient space in this new landmark on the west side.
As members of a community, people have a sense of identification with one or more countries and with one or more cultures (Deshpande et al, 1986; Whittler et al, 1991).
Britton's Serpentine Whittler is a refined, handmade 2-blade folder that not only exemplifies the high degree of craftsmanship found in the best handmade knives today, but features all the materials you'd expect in a fine knife.
She loved to knit, sew, and was a skilled cake decorator, whittler, and basket maker.
Bunch-up, chaps,'' he said, squeezing his bony backside between the whittler of miniature elephants and the toothless charmer of an emotionally-enfeebled snake.