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Mr Whittle said: "When we closed King Street to move into our brand new shop, we kept the ground floor at King Street open for a few weeks to clear our old stock and it proved very popular.
David Whittle and Caroline Whittle (right) with employees Amber McNulty (second left) and |Zoe Hopgood outside their new outlet store in the Pack Horse Centre
Fifty-six-year-old Geoff Whittle, who wrote the book, about his and wife Cherrie's life-changing decision to quit Britain, says: "My two sons, Jamie and Olly, were 9 and 11-years-old when we decided to leave the UK.
A court heard how Carol McMillan went 'berserk' and booted helpless Ann Whittle three times in the face - triggering a fatal heart attack.
Fresh start David and Caroline Whittle in the store MUCH-LOVED Peters fashion store in King Street
But why was the Whittle family's pain and anguish so prolonged by the judicial system?
Judge Lady Dorrian heard that McMillan wrestled 58-year-old Mrs Whittle to the ground in a row over a parking space at a car boot sale.
David and Caroline Whittle are back at the helm of Huddersfield town centre fashion store Peter's.