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Whittling away the bureaucracy, empowering teachers and principals and holding them accountable for results are a large part of the answer.
The Christmas Day programme showed the two enjoying the high life in the south of France before whittling away their fortune on a dodgy South American investment.
Could she be worried that the whittling away of legal immunity previously enjoyed by world leaders will make life dangerous?
In this era of skyrocketing healthcare costs, corporate scandals, and increasing workplace pressures, many organizations are struggling to stem the forces that are whittling away at their employees' morale, productivity and health," says Russ Newman, Ph.
And in health we are starting to see the whittling away of guarantees that spending in the NHS will be protected.
Again, they are showing their lack of appreciation for the sacrifices of these men and women by whittling away at our Sepulveda Veterans facility.
He then phones the police - getting a little bit closer to whittling away Tracy's hold on Amy.
This piecemealing, this whittling away of the district, is not good government; it's not good planning.
They voted for it unanimously after most of them condemned its minor whittling away of their power.
Smokers and nonsmokers alike have written about their concerns that this is a very visible example of the government whittling away at our freedom.