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But left-leaning politicians in parliament have been whittling away even at these modest reforms.
Bradley, Whittling Away the Search Warrant Requirement, TRIAL, June 1999, at 85.
When gubernatorial candidate George Ryan visited two parochial schools today to announce his support for tuition tax credits, we in the IFT were deeply concerned about further whittling away state support for public education.
Thanks to new laws, Alston's deduction options were whittling away, so she began seeking advice on tax-advantaged saving vehicles.
Inevitably, the interest groups went to work, whittling away at what little was there.
So they handed Republicans a safe seat, while whittling away halfheartedly at a couple of other GOP districts.
Satellite continues to mount its assault on cable by both whittling away cable's total subscriber base and attracting more net new digital subscribers,' says Greg Ireland, senior analyst in IDC's Consumer Markets program.
With the baroness at the helm, the judges resume the task of whittling away at the shortlist.
Whittling away the bureaucracy, empowering teachers and principals and holding them accountable for results are a large part of the answer.
The Christmas Day programme showed the two enjoying the high life in the south of France before whittling away their fortune on a dodgy South American investment.