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Reviewers on the Tutorials Committee accepted only 36 percent of submissions, whittling down a record 87 submissions to create a program of 17 full-day and 14 half-day tutorials covering topics across the spectrum of high performance computing and networking.
The letters ask owners to bring their vehicles to the California Highway Patrol station in Lancaster to have them inspected for front-end damage, thus whittling down the list of potential suspects.
In creating the deck and whittling down the 135 certified candidates to 52, Kamhi said he had to be discerning.
For admission beginning this fall, CSU will require high school graduates to have one additional history or social-science class and one extra laboratory-science class, whittling down the number of college-prep electives from three to only one one - much like schools in the UC system.
Fifield said even whittling down a list of 20 nursing homes to five can be taxing when trying to find the right match for a family member.