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The whole tone scale is important in "The summer lapsed away.
The whole tone in the community is, `We're so liberal and so aware - how could this happen in Eugene?
The whole tone of the June Margin Notes ("No time for battle fatigue") betrays Kevin Clarke's prejudice against the Bush administration.
The whole tone has changed," said Roderick MacLeish Jr.
His whole tone is very Madonna-esque, circa Erotica, which will be interesting to see play out here.
The whole tone of the night changed and some people felt it was their chance to have a go back at him.
The whole tone of Fraser's book is to celebrate "sensible" trade union leaders and union cooperation with management.
Each of them acquires a neighbor a whole tone away.
203), chimes in with the whole tone of this volume.
But the whole tone of the story is established by the glimmer of this possibility.
People liked this guy and couldn't believe he'd done any of this But once he was indicted, the whole tone changed.
3] occur in the same sonata', therefore requiring a keyboard a whole tone wider than the conventional five-octave limit of the time.