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Marchetto, whom Prosdocimo dismisses contemptuously as a "simple performer" (159), defied this tradition by dividing the whole tone into five equal parts, probably for the purpose of discussing subtle shades of intonation in performance.
The ending of the film, which obviously needs to be kept secret, changes the whole tone of the drama and may - especially when you consider the film's financiers are those happy, clappy folk from Disney Studios - raise more than a few eyebrows.
As well as the fabulous live music, we're screening a really uplifting short documentary called The Power Of Community, which sets the whole tone extremely well.
Along with some other victories, Boyle's team beat House Public Education Committee Chairman and lead reform proponent Kent Grusendorf (R-Arlington) thus transforming the whole tone of the debate for next January's legislative session.
What frustrates us is the whole tone of what is being said," Crowley said.
So even though Iger's changes have been modest, the whole tone at Disney seems to have changed.
The whole tone of the night was set by our starting pitcher,'' Dodgers manager Jim Tracy said.
The whole tone of the Romanov takeover was that here was a man who appeared to have the where with all to rid Hearts of their tyrant and return the club to financial well-being.
The progression of pitches that can be played on flute M341:1 yields what is known as a gapped scale, that is, one that includes intervals larger than a major second or whole tone (see Table 1).
The whole tone of the June Margin Notes ("No time for battle fatigue") betrays Kevin Clarke's prejudice against the Bush administration.
His whole tone is very Madonna-esque, circa Erotica, which will be interesting to see play out here.
The whole tone of the night changed and some people felt it was their chance to have a go back at him.