wholesale destruction

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And, as if in answer, came the wholesale destruction along the Mediterranean.
And yet all that gentle loveliness of nature made this terrific and wholesale destruction the more pitiable and awful.
Some Arab economies have been seriously affected by regionally sponsored terrorist acts, while others have been subject to wholesale destruction.
The report chronicles the depth and breadth of the violations, including slaughter of innocent civilians, wholesale destruction of places of worship, and attempted genocide.
This giant ring is a memorial to oppression, murder and the attempted wholesale destruction of our culture - and we are supposed to fund it.
The Obama administration's carte blanche when Assad killed up to 1,700 with sarin gas was as good as waving a red flag to the dictator, who then charged into the wholesale destruction of his country.
THIS PAST DECEMBER in Abu Dhabi, a group of high-level dignitaries convened to discuss an especially horrible facet of the current crisis of Islamist terrorism: the systematic and wholesale destruction of sites and artifacts of world heritage.
This is sadly just the latest episode in what has been the wholesale destruction of Iraq's environment over several decades from the draining of the marshlands to the contamination of land and the collapse of environmental management systems," said UN Environment chief Erik Solheim.
This Friday is the funeral of my old mate the legendary Durham Miners' Secretary Davey Hopper who fought against such division in the 1980's that led to the wholesale destruction of our communities under Thatcher.
The sequel to the movie they're quoting actually opened this week and features the wholesale destruction of London 6 which is beginning to feel pretty f  appropriate now.
Life went on as normally as possible despite the wholesale destruction.
Just as the great coal mining industry was brought to an end with the wholesale destruction of mining communities, steelmaking could well go the same way.

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